Mightysats were small, relatively inexpensive United States Air Force satellites intended to demonstrate new technologies in space. Mightysats are developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and carry multiple experiments. The first was launched from the Space Shuttle via the Hitchhiker Ejection System, the second by a Minotaur. Mightysat 1's payload included experiments on composite materials, advanced solar cells, advanced electronics, and a shock device; the total mass of the satellite was 320 kg. Mightysat 2, also known as Sindri, carried a hyperspectral imager for Earth imaging and spectroscopy, as well as satellite technology experiments such as advanced solar arrays.


Mightysat 1
Mightysat 1


spacecraft launch date launch vehicle launch site orbit
Mightysat 1 Oct 29, 1998 Shuttle STS-88 Cape Canaveral 381 × 395 km × 51.6°
Mightysat 2 Jul 19, 2000 Minotaur Vandenberg 547 × 581 km × 97.8°