Ross 154

Ross 154

Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey.

Ross 154 is a nearby red dwarf. Ross 154, also known as V1216 Sagittarii, lies in the eastern part of the constellation Sagittarius, northeast of Kaus Borealis (Lambda Sagittarii) at a distance of only 9.7 light-years (3.0 parsecs). It was discovered in 1925 by Frank Elmore Ross who first reported it in his "Second List of New Proper-Motion Stars," Astronomical Journal (36:856). Its closest neighbor is Barnard's Star, 5.41 light-years (1.66 parsecs) away.


visual magnitude 10.43
absolute magnitude 13.07
spectral type M3.5Ve
luminosity 0.0005 Lsun
surface temperature 2,700 Ksun
radius 0.24 Rsun
mass 0.17 Msun
distance 9.68 light-years (2.96 pc)
position RA 18h 49m 49.4s,
Dec -23° 50' 10"
other designations GCTP 4338, GJ 729, LHS 3414,
AC-24 2833-183, HIP 92403