Shapley 1

Shapley 1

Shapley 1. Photo by David Malin.

Shapley 1 is an annular planetary nebula in the constellation Norma. It was discovered by Harlow Shapley in 1936. Shapley 1 is unusual among planetaries in that it is neither bipolar nor a simple sphere of gas. Most ring-like planetary nebulae really consist of spherical shells and only appear annular because we are looking through a greater thickness of gas at the edge of the shell. Shapley 1, however, seems to be a true torus (doughnut-shape) seen face-on. Close inspection reveals a faint outer halo.


visual magnitude nebula: 12.6,
central star: 14
angular diameter 1.1'
distance ~1,000 light-years (300 pc)
position RA 15h 51m 41s;
Dec 11° -51°' 31' 29"
other designations PLN 329+2.1