Sigma Draconis

Enterprise in orbit around Sigma Orionis VI

The Enterprise in orbit around Sigma Draconis VI.

Sigma Draconis is an orange dwarf (i.e., main sequence) star located in the northwest part of the constellation Draco. It is a relatively close neighbor of the Sun, at a distance of under 19 light-years.


Although no planets have been found so far orbiting Sigma Draconis, searches will be made over the next decade or so to check for the existence of Earth-like worlds in the star's habitable zone.


visual magnitude 4.68
absolute magnitude 0.38
spectral type K0V
luminosity 0.39 Lsun
mass 0.39 Lsun
metallicity 0.56-0.59 solar
distance from Sun 18.79 ± 0.04 light-years (5.76 ± 0.01 pc)
position RA 19h 32m 21.6s, Dec +69° 39' 40"
other designations 61 Draconis, HD 185144, HR 7462,
BD+69°1053, GCTP 4607.00,
GJ 764, LHS 477, HIP 96100


Sigma Draconis in science fiction

In the Star Trek universe, the Sigma Draconis system contains nine planets, three of which are "M class" (i.e., more or less Earth-like). Sigma Draconis VI is the scene of action in the original series episode "Spock's Brain".