Sycorax is the twenty-third moon of Uranus in order from the planet. It was discovered in 1997, together with Caliban, by Brett Gladman, Phil Nicholson, Joseph Burns, and J. J. Kavelaars using the 5-m Hale Telescope. It is named after Caliban's mother in Shakespeare's play The Tempest and is also known as Uranus XVII. Sycorax is an irregular moon with a highly inclined, retrograde orbit. Like Caliban, it is unusually red in color, suggesting it came originally from the Kuiper Belt.


discovery 1997, Gladman et al
semimajor axis 12,179,000 km (7,569,000 mi)
diameter ~150 km (93 mi)
orbital period 1,288.2 days
orbital eccentricity 0.522
orbital inclination 159°
visual albedo 0.04 (assumed)