US Air Force study on teleportation

The US Air Force conducted a study, called the "Teleportation Physics Study" (see external link below), on the feasibility of exploiting the phenomenon of teleportation for military purposes. It was carried out in 2004 by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics, Las Vegas. (Davis prepared an article Wormhole Induction Propulsion" for the 1997 NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop, has been affiliated with the privately-funded National Institute for Discovery Science, Las Vegas, and has been involved with UFO studies). According to the introduction to the final report: "This study was tasked with the purpose of collecting information describing the teleportation of material objects, providing a description of teleportation as it occurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status, and a projection of potential applications. The study also consisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurring naturally or under laboratory conditions that can be assembled into a model describing the conditions required to accomplish the transfer of objects." The author considered the following possible forms of teleportation:


Teleportation – SciFi: the disembodied transport of persons or inanimate objects across space by advanced (futuristic) technological means (adapted from Vaidman, 2001). We will call this sf-Teleportation, which will not be considered further in this study. See transporter (Star Trek).


Teleportation – engineering the vacuum or spacetime metric: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects across space by altering the properties of the spacetime vacuum, or by altering the spacetime metric (geometry).. We will call this vm-Teleportation.


Teleportation – quantum entanglement: the disembodied transport of the quantum state of a system and its correlations across space to another system, where system refers to any single or collective particles of matter or energy such as baryons (protons, neutrons, etc.), leptons (electrons, etc.), photons, atoms, ions, etc. We will call this q-Teleportation. See quantum teleportation.


Teleportation – exotic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by transport through extra space dimensions or parallel universes. We will call this e-Teleportation.