20000 Varuna

Varuna, Charon, and Pluto size comparison

Varuna, Pluto's moon Charon, and Pluto compared in size.

20000 Varuna is a large Kuiper Belt object. It was discovered by R. Macmillan of the Spacewatch project on 28 November 2000, and provisionally designated 2000 WR106 before being permanently named after the Hindu god Varuna. It moves in a near-circular orbit with a semi-major axis of about 43 astronomical units (AU), similar to that of 50000 Quaoar but more inclined.


diameter 936 km
density ~1.0 g/cm3
albedo 0.04
absolute magnitude 3.7
surface temp. ~43 K
eccentricity 0.051
semimajor axis 43.13 AU
perihelion 40.92 AU
aphelion 45.34 AU
orbital period 283.20 years
inclination 17.2°