Wezen (Delta Canis Majoris)


Wezen. ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey.

Wezen (Delta Canis Majoris) is the second brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. Its Arabic name, which means "weight," is of uncertain origin but is appropriate in view of Wezen's great mass and size. An unusual yellow F-type supergiant, it would almost fill Earth's orbit if put in place of the Sun.


Wezen is only about 10 million years old but has already stopped fusing hydrogen in its core. The core is now contracting and heating, and will trigger helium fusion in less than 100,000 years, when the outer part of the star has become a red supergiant similar to Antares.


visual magnitude 1.83
absolute magnitude -6.87
spectral type F8Ia
surface temperature 6,200 K
luminosity (Sun=1) 50,000
radius (Sun=1) 200
mass (Sun=1) 17
distance ~1,800 light-years (~500 pc)
position RA 07h 8m 23.5s,
Dec -26° 23' 36"
other designations Wesen, Alwazn, Al Wazor,
25 Canis Majoris, HR 2693, HD 54605,
SAO 173047, FK5 273, CD-26° 3916,
CPD-26° 1793, HIP 34444, GC 9443,
CCDM 07084-2624