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Alouette 1
Canadian satellites designed to observe Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere. "Alouette" is French for "lark".

With the launch of Alouette 1, Canada became the third nation to have a satellite placed in Earth orbit, after the Soviet Union and the United States. Alouette 2 took part in a double launch with Explorer 31 and was placed in a similar orbit so that results from the two could be correlated. Alouette 2 was also the first mission in the ISIS (International Satellites for Ionospheric Studies) program conducted jointly by NASA and the Canadian Defense Research Board. Both Alouettes had a mass of 145 kg and were launched by Thor-Agena B rockets from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

spacecraft launch date orbit
Alouette 1 Sep. 29, 1962 987 × 1,022 km × 80.5°
Alouette 2 Nov. 29, 1965 499 × 2,707 km × 79.8°

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