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Ofeq 5
Ofeq 5
Ofeq is a series of Israeli indigenous satellites; "Ofeq" is Hebrew for "horizon." Several Ofeqs have been launched, not all successfully, since the first in September 1988. They have conducted a variety of space science experiments and technology validation tests, and carried out some military reconnaissance. The launches are unusual in that they take place in a westerly direction. This is to avoid overflying Arab territories to the east, but it means that the launch vehicle must travel against the direction of Earth spin's and so work harder to achieve orbital velocity, thus reducing the payload that can be delivered. All the Ofeq satellites were launched by Shavit rockets from Palmachim.

spacecraft launch date orbit mass (kg)
Ofeq 1 Sep. 19, 1988 250 × 1,149 km × 143° 155
Ofeq 2 Apr. 3, 1990 250 × 1,149 km × 143° 160
Ofeq Sep. 15, 1994 failed; not acknowledged by Israel  
Ofeq 3 Apr. 5, 1995 366 × 694 km × 143° 189
Ofeq 4 Jan. 22, 1998 failed; fell into the Mediterranean Sea  
Ofeq 5 May 28, 2002 Similar to that of Ofeq 3 n/a

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