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vocal folds

Cavity of larynx, as seen with a laryngoscope during quiet breathing – rima glottidis widely opened
Cavity of larynx, as seen with a laryngoscope during phonation – rima glottidis closed
The vocal folds are structures in the larynx by means of which the voice is produced. Each vocal fold is sharp and prominent, and its mucous membrane is thin and firmly bound down to the vocal ligament, which is enclosed within it. In color it is pale – almost pearly white – whilst posteriorly, where the fold ends, the point of the vocal process of the arytenoid cartilage stands out in relief and has a yellowish tinge. In coronal section, the vocal fold is prismatic in form, and the free border looks upward and medially.

By contrast with the vocal folds, the vestibular folds are of little importance in producing the voice; in fact, they can be destroyed, in large part, without any appreciable effect upon the voice.

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