Avior (Epsilon Carinae)

Epsilon Carinae

Artistic rendering of the Avior binary system (Epsilon Carinae).

Avior (Epsilon Carinae) is the third brightest star in the constellation Carina. Avior is a spectroscopic binary consisting of a main sequence B star and a giant K star, separated by just 0.02 arcseconds. There is some evidence that the components eclipse each other, producing a slight drop in brightness every 2.2 years; if so, this suggests a separation distance of about 4 astronomical units (AU) – less than the distance of Jupiter from the Sun, but too far apart for mass transfer to take place.


visual magnitude 1.95 (combined);
absolute magnitude -4.58
spectral type K3III + B2V
distance 630±60 light-years
(190±20 pc)
mass 4.6/16 Msun
luminosity 6,000/~11,000 Lsun
position RA 08h 22m 30.8s,
Dec -59° 30' 35"
other designations HR 3307, CD-59°1032,
HD 71129, SAO 235932,
FK5 315, HIP 410372,
GC 11463