HD 195019

HD 195019

HD 195019 is a Sun-like star in the constellation Delphinus around which has been found a three-Jupiter-mass exoplanets of the epistellar Jovian type.1 Spectroscopic measurements of the host suggest that it is has a "quiet" chromosphere (an important factor in its suitability to support nearby life) and a metal-content somewhat greater than that of the Sun.


Host star
Distance 65.3 light-years (20 pc)
Spectral type G3 IV-V
Apparent magnitude 6.91
Temperature 5,330°C (5,799 K)
Luminosity (Sun=1) 2.35
Mass (Sun=1) 0.95


Mass (Jupiter=1) 3.43 ± 0.4
Semi-major axis 0.14 AU (21 million km, 13 million miles)
Orbital period 18.3 ± 0.2 days
Eccentricity 0.05 ± 0.04
Discovery 1998 by Marcy et al., Lick and Keck Obs.
Method radial velocity



1. Fischer, D., Marcy, G., Butler, P., Vogt, S., and Apps, K. , 1998. "Planetary companions around two solar type stars: HD 195019 and HD 217107," PASP, 111, 50.