HD 75289

HD 75289

HD 75289 is a star, similar to the Sun but somewhat brighter, in the constellation of Vela. Around it has been found an epistellar Jovian, the sixth in order of discovery, with a mass only 1.4 times that of Saturn. HD 75289 appears to be similar in age to the Sun, although, as in the case of most other stars with known giant planets, its metal content is about twice the solar composition. See also exoplanets.


Host star
distance 94.4 light-years (28.9 pc)
spectral type G0 V
apparent magnitude 6.35
temperature 5,700 °C
luminosity (Sun=1) 1.99
mass (Sun=1) 1.05
position RA 08h 47m 40s, Dec -41° 44' 12"


mass (Jupiter=1) 0.42
semimajor axis 0.046 AU (6.9 million km, 11 million mi)
orbital period 3.51 days
eccentricity 0.053
discovery 1999, Mayor et al (Geneva), Coralie/Leonard Euler Telescope
method of discovery radial velocity