Luyten 789-6


Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey.

Luyten 789-6 is a nearby triple star system (trinary), also known as EZ Aquarii, consisting of three red dwarfs. It lies 11.76 light-years (3.4 parsecs) away in the constellation Aquarius. The main component is also a spectroscopic binary. The system's nearest neighbor is Lacaille 9352 at a distance of 4.21 light-years (1.29 parsecs).


visual magnitude 12.33 (A) 13.27 (B), 14.03 (C)
absolute magnitude 14.68 (combined)
spectral type M5V
distance 11.76 light-years (3.45 pc)
radial velocity -59.9 km/s
position RA 22h 38m 33.4s,
Dec -15° 18' 07"
other designations EZ Aquarii, GCTP 5475.00,
LHS 68, GJ 866 A,
Gl 156-031