cartilages of the larynx

Anterior aspect of cartilages and ligaments of larynx

Posterior aspect of cartilages and ligaments of the larynx.

The cartilages of the larynx are as follows:




  • thyroid
  • cricoid
  • epiglottic



  • arytenoid
  • corniculate
  • cuneiform

    These cartilages are connected by certain ligaments; and the thyroid and arytenoid cartilages articulate with the cricoid cartilage by two pairs of synovial joints – the cricothyroid and the cricoarytenoid.


    Structure of the cartilages

    The thyroid and cricoid cartilages and the basal portion of the arytenoid are composed of hyaline cartilage and tend to ossify, even in early adult life; in old age they may be completely transformed into bone. The apex and vocal process of the arytenoid and the other cartilages are formed of elastic fibrocartilage and do not ossify.