PSR B1620-26

PSR B1620-26 is a white dwarf companion in orbit around a millisecond pulsar, (PSR 1620-26) located within the globular cluster M4 (NGC 6121). Measurements using the pulsar timing method indicate that the white dwarf is orbited by three massive planets.1, 2


Distance 12,400 light-years (3.8 kpc)
Period 11 milliseconds (= 90 rev/s)

  a b c
Mass (Jupiter = 1) 1.2 3.4 6.7
Semimajor axis ~10 30 64
Orbital period (years) 61.8 129 389
Eccentricity 0.0 0.2 0.5



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2. Thorsett, S., Arzoumanian, Z., Camilo, F., and Lyne, A. "The Triple Pulsar System PSR B1620-26 in M4," Astrophysical Journal (submitted 1999).