Ross 248

Ross 248

Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey.

Ross 248 is a nearby red dwarf that is also a flare star. Ross 248 lies just over 10 light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. Ross 248 was discovered discovered in 1925 by Frank Elmore Ross who first reported it in his "Second List of New Proper-Motion Stars," Astronomical Journal (36:856). Its nearest neighbor is the Gl 15 star system (GX and GQ Andromedae), at a distance of only 1.54 light-years (0.47 parsec).


visual magnitude 12.29
absolute magnitude 14.79
spectral type M5.5Ve
luminosity 1.0005 Lsun
radius 0.17 Rsun
mass 0.07 Msun
distance 10.32 light-years (3.17 pc)
radial velocity -77.7 km/s
position RA 23h 41m 54.7s,
Dec +44° 10' 30"
other designations HH Andromedae, GCTP 5736.00,
GJ 905, Gl 171-010, LHS 549