False color image of Telesto, taken by Cassini

False color image of Telesto, by Cassini on 25 December 2005. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

Telesto is a small moon of Saturn. It was discovered in 1980 from ground-based observations and is also known as Saturn XIII.


Telesto and Calypso are known as the Tethys trojans due to the fact that they share the same orbit as Tethys; Telesto moves about 60° ahead of the large moon and Calypso about 60° behind. Like the other inner moons, including Calypso, Epimetheus, Janus, Pandora, Prometheus, Atlas, and Pan, Telesto is probably a "rubble-pile" object rather than a solid icy moon.


discovery 1980, by Brad Smith et al
semimajor axis 294,619 km (183,107 mi)
diameter 29 × 22 × 20 km (18 × 14 × 12 mi)
orbital period 1.888 days (1 d 21 h 19 min)
orbital eccentricity 0.000
orbital inclination 1.19°
visual albedo 0.5?