Cassini color image of Calypso taken with the spacecraft's narrow-angle camera on Sep 23, 2005, at a distance of about 101,000 kilometers (63,000 miles).

Calypso is a small moon of Saturn discovered in 1980 from ground-based observations. Calypso and Telesto are referred to as the Tethys trojans because they move in the same orbit as Tethys. Calypso trails the large moon by about 60° while Telesto leads it by the same angular separation.


Also known as Saturn XIV, Calypso was temporarily designated 1980 S25 before receiving its official permanent name, after Calypso of Greek mythology, in 1983.

discovery 1980, by Pascu, Seidelmann, Baum and Currie from ground-based observations
semimajor axis 294,619 km (183,311 miles)
diameter 30 × 23 × 14 km (19 × 14 × 9 miles)
orbital period 1.888 days (1 day 21 hr 19 min.)
orbital eccentricity 0.000
orbital inclination 1.56°
visual albedo 0.6?