meteorite shower

Only a few meteorites make their passage through the atmosphere in one piece. Most of them are fragmented on their way due to the high pressure to which they are subjected. Sometimes they may burst into only a few fragments, at other times, into thousands of individual pieces creating a meteorite shower. Only a few pieces from such a shower actually arrive on Earth since the smaller fragments usually burn up during their passage. However, sometimes, when the initial pieces are big enough, it literally 'rains stones,' and thousands of meteorites can be collected from huge strewn fields.


Historic meteorite showers
meteorite country fell total weight (kg) individuals
Pultusk Poland 1868 200 180,000
Holbrook USA 1912 220 16,000
Sikhote-Alin Russia 1947 70,000 15,000
Allende Mexico 1969 2,000 5,000
L'Aigle France 1803 37 3,000
Mocs Romania 1882 300 3,000


Prominent prehistoric strewn fields
meteorite country found total mass (kg) individuals
Campo del Cielo Argentina 1576 70,000 thousands
Gibeon Namibia 1836 26,000 thousands
Toluca Mexico 1776 2,500 thousands
Brenham USA 1882 2,400 thousands
Imilac Chile 1822 1,000 > 1,000
Plainview USA 1917 700 > 1,000