NGC 2808

NGC 2808

NGC 2808. © Daniel Verschatse, Antilhue Observatory.

NGC 2808 is a bright, compact globular cluster in the southern constellation Carina. NGC 2808 was discovered by James Dunlop in the 1820s and catalogued by him as Dunlop 265. It lies midway in the sky between Iota and Beta Carinae. In the scheme devised by Harlow Shapley to classify globular clusters by their concentration of stars correlated with the central surface brightness, NGC 2808 belongs to class I, the most highly condensed.


visual magnitude 6.3
angular diameter 13.8'
distance 31,000 light-years (9,500 pc)
position RA 09h 12m 2.6s,
Dec -64° 51' 46"
other designations GC 1793, h 3152,
GCl 13, C 0911-646