A saw is a cutting tool with a toothed blade, usually operated manually, by treadle, or by motor. Alternate teeth are bent outwards in opposite directions, so that the saw cut is wider than the blade thickness. This helps to prevent the blade from sticking. The blade may be straight, circular, or formed into a band. Widely spaced teeth give a rapid, but rough cut. Closely spaced teeth give a fine cut. Applying a lubricant to the blade improves its performance.


Types of saw


  • back saw
  • band saw
  • bow saw
  • circular saw
  • compass saw
  • coping saw
  • dovetail saw
  • dozuki
  • fret saw
  • hack saw
  • jig saw
  • keyhole saw
  • miter saw
  • razor saw
  • rotary reciprocating saw
  • saber saw
  • scroll saw
  • table saw
  • tenon saw