NGC 752

NGC 752

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NGC 752 is a bright, scattered, and unusually old open cluster in the constellation Andromeda. NGC 752 contains 70–80 stars of magnitudes 9 and fainter. The hottest of these stars are of spectral type A2, indicating a comparatively old age for an open cluster of approximately 1.6 billion years. (This is still younger than the classical open cluster M67.)


NGC 752 was probably discovered by Giovanni Hodierna before 1654, together with M33. It rediscovered by Caroline Herschel on 29 September 1783, and catalogued by William Herschel as H VII.32 on 21 September 1786.


Using binoculars, NGC 752 is easily found just south of Almaak (Gamma Andromedae).


visual magnitude 5.7
angular diameter 60'
distance 1,300 light-years (400 pc)
position RA 01h 57m 41s,
Dec +37° 47.1'
other designations Melotte 12, Collinder 23,
OCl 363