stony meteorite

stony meteorite

A stony meteorite is a meteorite composed of mostly silicate minerals (75–90% by weight), together with nickel-iron metal alloy (10–25%), and iron sulfide. Stony meteorites are a very varied group, ranging from virtually unaltered samples of matter that date back to the dawn of the Solar System, some 4.55 billion years ago, to rocks with a complex history that have come from large differentiated worlds, such as the Moon or Mars.


Stony meteorites account for 95% of all known falls. The majority (86% of all falls) are chondrites, the rest are achondrites.


Largest known stony meteorites
meteorite country fell class group mass (kg)
Jilin China 1976 chondrite H5 1,770
Norton County USA 1984 achondrite aubrite 1,073
Long Island USA 1948 chondrite L6 564 (broken)
Paragould USA 1930 chondrite LL5 371
Bjurbole Finland 1899 chondrite L/LL4 334 (broken)