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Aberdeen Proving Ground

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Aberdeen Proving Ground is the United States Army's oldest active proving ground.


Air Force Flight Test Center

The Air Force Flight Test Center is a United States Air Force facility at Edwards Air Force Base, California. The Test Center includes the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, formed in 1952 and previously known as the Air Force's Astronautics Laboratory; the Air Force Propulsion Laboratory; and Air Force Phillips Laboratory, which is the development center for all Air Force rocket propulsion technologies including solid-propellant motors and liquid-propellant fuel systems and engines.


Air Force Space Command

Air Force Space Command (AFSC) is a United States Air Force facility located at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. Among its responsibilities have been or are BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System), DSCS (Defense Satellite Communications System), FLTSATCOM (Fleet Satellite Communications System), NAVSTAR-GPS (the US military global positioning system), and NATO satellites.


Air Materiel Command

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What is today known as the Air Force Materiel Command traces its heritage to 1917 when the Equipment Division of the US Army Signal Corps established a headquarters for its new Airplane Engineering Department at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, a World War I experimental engineering facility.


Andrews Air Force Base

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Andrews Air Force Base is the home base of the United States Air Force's 316th Wing, 79th Medical Wing, and 89th Airlift Wing, and of the presidential aircraft, Air Force One.


Army Ballistic Missile Agency

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Eastern Test Range
Edwards Air Force Base

Moffett Federal Airfield

Moffett Federal Airfield is a facility created in 1994, operated by NASA, and based on the old Naval Air Station Moffett Facility, near Mountain View, California. Moffett Federal Airfield is adjacent to the Ames Research Center.


Patrick Air Force Base

Redstone Arsenal

Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO)

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Western Space and Missile Center

The Western Space and Missile Center (WSMC) is an American launch site, located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and operated by the 30th Wing of the Air Force Space Command. From WSMC the Western Test Range extends westward over the Pacific Ocean and into the Indian Ocean where it meets the Eastern Test Range. Most spacecraft launches from Vandenberg, however, take place not westward (which would be in opposition to Earth's spin direction) but southward into polar orbits and included surveillance satellites, low earth orbit (LEO) weather satellites, and environmental and terrain monitoring satellites such as Landsat. Polar launches are particularly from safe WSMC because the next land mass south of the site is Antarctica.


White Sands Missile Range